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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation-Columbus Lawyers

Millions Won in Workers Compensation Verdicts and Settlements

The lawyers at Slappey & Sadd will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve.  With a team of over 7 attorneys to serve you, we are able to handle your case, regardless of the complexities involved.

Our firm has served clients in the Columbus area for over 25 years.

Scott Slappey, Scott Christopher and Brian Cunha handle all of our workers’ compensation claims, and have worked on thousands of cases, and have been able to successfully win millions of dollars for clients facing a workers’ compensation claim.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have managed a variety of workers compensation claims for automotive workers, manufacturing employees, the carpet industry and more.  Two of our workers’ compensation attorneys initially started practicing law as insurance defense attorneys, they helped to defend employers and their insurance carriers.  This unique background gave these two attorneys the knowledge and skills needed to successfully litigate against employers and their insurance companies with workers’ compensation claims.

One of our attorneys (Brian Cunha) had worked within a defense firm as a clerk, and it was while in that role that he determined to work for the injured.  This unique background gave Scott the knowledge and skills needed to successfully litigate against employers and their insurance companies with workers’ compensation claims.  It was while in this role, Brian made the decision that he wanted to advocate for workers.  Brian has significant leadership, and involvement throughout the legal community, and is ready to aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

Scott Slappey is the partner in charge of our workers’ compensation practice and he regards his work with the highest level of professionalism, and carries his expertise into community involvement and leadership.  Scott is an active member with the State of Georgia Rules Committee for the Chairmans Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation.  This organization works to develop rules and regulations to help enforce workers’ compensation laws, which is a passion for Scott.

Personal Injury Attorneys Columbus, GA

Jay Sadd heads up our personal injury practice.  Within our personal injury practice we have two attorneys that have devoted their careers to pursuing justice for the injured, Jay Sadd and Ed Wynn.  Jay has received numerous million dollar plus verdicts and settlements, and is well known and respected throughout the southeast as a tenacious litigator.  While Jay has been a featured presenter and speaker to numerous law groups, his passion is truly advocating for those that have been catastrophically injured or for those that have died as a result of a personal injury matter.

Ed Wynn has been working with Jay for numerous years at Slappey & Sadd, LLC and he also has obtained numerous high value results on behalf of his clients.

Within our personal injury practice, we focus on wrongful death, serious injury, trucking accidents, car accidents and  bicycle accidents while we also pursue products liability claims.

Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Columbus, GA

Richard Dolder is in charge of our insurance bad faith practice, and both he and Jay are recognized throughout the southeast, and particularly throughout all of Georgia as the attorneys that wrote the book on Insurance Bad Faith.  Over 7,000 copies of this book have been distributed to attorneys throughout the southeast over the years.  While this is an exceptionally complex niche practice area of law, both Richard and Jay have had excellent success in ensuring justice is served to those that are struggling with insurance bad faith.

Medical Malpractice Attorney Columbus, GA

Dan Epstein, MD. JD. heads up our medical malpractice business.  Dan is a highly educated and skilled attorney that practiced as a doctor for numerous years.  This unique skillset has equipped Dan to aggressively target medical malpractice claims, while also offering efficiency on understanding the complexities involved with these types of cases.

Slappey & Sadd, LLC is a team of highly skilled litigators that are ready to pursue justice for you and your loved ones.  Call today for a free consultation.

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Workers’ Compensation Blog Columbus, GA

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